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Coffee 101

Answers to Five Common Coffee Questions

Want to know more than your friends about coffee? Do you also want to impress them with your coffee knowledge? We have taken five common, frequented asked questions about coffee and answered them for you. 1. Which coffee has the most caffeine? Arabica coffee, which is what most of us drink in the United States. It has less caffeine than Robusta coffee, which is mostly drank in other parts of the world and is in most instant coffee. Studies have shown that Arabica coffee has about half of the caffeine, assuming the same quantities, as Robusta coffee. While many think...

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Four Simple Tips to Keep your Coffee Fresh

Nothing is worse than grinding your beans properly, measuring out the correct amount of water, getting the water temperature just right, to produce a tasteless cup of coffee because the coffee beans you use are stale. Coffee does go bad, but not bad in the sense like milk does. It won’t rot, stink up your entire house, but over time due to light, air, and temperature your specialty grade coffee will lose its flavor. First, let me address the elephant in the room. Something we get asked all the time, “how long does coffee stay fresh.” Well, the answer it...

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Make Great Cold Brew Coffee in Four Easy Steps

Cold brew coffee is one of our favorite ways to prepare coffee. It is simple, and one of the biggest benefits is to produces a low acidity final product. Many coffees from Africa have wonderful notes of fruit but also have high acidity if brewed hot. Cold brewing these coffees leaves the fruity bouquet but reduces the acidity. Cold brew coffee shouldn't be confused with iced coffee. Ice coffee is brewed hot and ice is added. This produces a strong sometimes bitter coffee. Cold brew is brewed cold in your fridge for 18 to 24 hours. The process of making...

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What is the Right Temperature to Brew Coffee?

This is a question that we get asked all of the time here at Layne Coffee Co. There are several different things you need to do to brew a perfect cup of coffee. One of them, and probably the easiest to control, is having the right water temperature. The right temperature depends on what brew method you're using.  For the vast majority of brew methods the temperature range is fairly standard and can be very easy to produce. Ideally you would want your water to be between 195 and 202 degrees. Achieving these temperatures can be quite easy as long as...

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