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What is the Right Temperature to Brew Coffee?

This is a question that we get asked all of the time here at Layne Coffee Co. There are several different things you need to do to brew a perfect cup of coffee. One of them, and probably the easiest to control, is having the right water temperature. The right temperature depends on what brew method you're using.  For the vast majority of brew methods the temperature range is fairly standard and can be very easy to produce. Ideally you would want your water to be between 195 and 202 degrees. Achieving these temperatures can be quite easy as long as you have a thermometer.  If you do not have the thermometer to actually test the temperature of the water, you will run into trouble. We recommend picking up a small digital thermometer or purchasing a kettle that has a built-in thermometer.  It seems so simple, but many people think they can just "wing it" and get perfect results.  Do yourself a favor and invest a few dollars in a proper thermometer.  You'll be happy that you did!
Logan and Rob

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