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Announcing Layne Coffee Co.

What's going on? Welcome to Layne Coffee Co.!
We are very excited to announce the launch of Layne Coffee Co.  This has been a project Rob and I have spent many months working on and now it has come to fruition. Our hope is to provide the best coffee you can possibly purchase, while making it creative and letting our personalities shine through. Layne Coffee Co. isn't like other coffee roasting companies and we plan on doing a lot of different things.
First, all of our coffee is roasted fresh. This means your coffee is roasted within 48 hours of your order placement. None of our coffee has been roasted in advance, sitting around getting old.
Second, we plan on bringing you a lot of new blends: our Calendar Series, Single Origins, and unique direct farm and specialty coffee offerings.
Third (and you might think this is crazy), we grind all of our coffee by hand. Even though it's more difficult than using a machine, hand grinding provides better coffee in the end and allows us to provide you with the perfect grind for your specific brew method.  Of course, we also offer whole bean for those who like to grind their own.
Finally, we want our customers to partake in the Layne Coffee Co. experience so we provide a free sample with every order. We're doing this to allow you to get a sneak peek of coffee blends we have in the works and provide us feedback on upcoming projects.
Logan and Rob

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