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Got some big news...

I am not sure if you are ready, but here it is. I just made a purchase of a bourbon barrel. You are probably wondering, "what is Logan now getting in the distilling business?" I can assure you I am not, but...
We are getting in the barrel aging coffee business :)
Testing will begin this coming Monday when the barrel arrives. Not sure how long will let them age, which beans I will use, but this is where I need your assistance.
Tell me what bean you would like to see me use, which barrel aged coffee is your favorite etc.
Going to have a lot of fun with this project and want you to get in on the fun.

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  • Jimmy Z on

    Use a combination of lighter roast beans… thinkin’ it might take the taste more from the barrel and let it shine. mix and match like you are blending!!

  • Larry Sturgeon on

    Layne, wanted to let you know we are enjoying the Secret Sauce beans. The bloom in my pour over was beautiful and the brewed coffee was outstanding. Service was excellent.

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