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Brazil Alta Mogiana

Brazil Alta Mogiana hails from the Santos growing region of Brazil. Grown on a 20 year farm, special attention is given to each and every bean. Brazil Alta Mogiana is unique compared to other Columbia coffees due to its low acidity and soft body. This coffee can be used in almost every brew method, but it truly shines in a Chemex and espresso. Brazil Alta Mogiana is UTZ certified.
Chocolate, Nuts, Mild Roast: Medium/Dark Acidity: Low Body: Medium Finish: Smooth
Country: Brazil Region: Alta Mogiana Producer: São Francisco Variety: Catuai Process: Natural Altitude: 1,150 masl

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My Favorite Coffee

I've found that this coffee is delicious in every way you can brew it. It is chocolatey, smooth, and creamy. I always add some form of cream to my coffee, but this is the only type that is creamy enough on its own that I can actually drink it black. I've been waiting for this to come back in stock - yay! My absolute favorite coffee now!

Excellent Dark Roast

I make my coffee in a Behmor brewer. This coffee has low acidity and fairly bold body with a smooth finish. Will definitely buy again.

Alta Mogiana Rocks

Hey Layne! The coffee was awesome!! Really nice introduction to a new brand of coffee, which tastes chocolaty and creamy. The only thing which's different from the ones that are available here is that the coffee requires intense filtering process after it has been made!! # Mogiana_Rocks!!


Wow my new Favorite !!!! To me this coffee has a sweet nutty flavor the flavors get stronger as it cools .. But talk about smooth the best finish of any cup I have had ... I love it

Great Coffee! Perfect for those early mornings with a cigar

I've personally never had this blend until recently, but I'm a believer. Drink it in the morning, drink it with your favorite cigar, just order some, and enjoy.

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