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About Us

At Layne Coffee we aren't a faceless company. We want customers to not only love our coffee, pricing, selection, service, but, most importantly, we want them to know about the two humans who source the beans, roast their coffee, and fulfill their orders.

Logan from Layne Coffee Rob from Layne Coffee

Logan loves roasting coffee and making new blends. After spending many years involved in the cigar industry, he is the guy traveling to XYZ country, sourcing the beans, and coming up with the next coffee.

Logan is 100% an espresso and chemex guy, but has recently been raging with cold brewing.

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Rob is a longtime coffee drinker and he loves dark roasts. He has a soft spot for Ethiopian Harrar and his favorite Layne Coffee blend is Ethiopian Mesela G1. Rob usually reaches for his French Press in the morning, but he'll occasionally break out the Bialetti Moka Express. If he's feeling lazy, he'll even go so low as to use his Keurig (gasp!).

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Logan and Rob