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Our Mission

Our goal at Layne Coffee is simple. By doing business with us, we pledge the following:

First, we roast everything fresh. This means your coffee is roasted after you place your order. This means you will have fresh coffee every time you order from us.

Second, we want to expose our customers to as many different coffees as possible. We do this by searching for unique lots of coffee, blending them in unique ways, and offer customers the ability to customize.

Third, we not only want our coffee to be freaking amazing, but also to make it affordable. When buying 12 ounce bags from a small batch, boutique roaster, prices typically begin at $16 and up.  These high prices don't even include the five dollar and up shipping charges. Not us. You will find our coffee to be several dollars cheaper than our competitors and we only charge a flat fee of $2.95 for shipping, regardless of how many bags your order.

Fourth, we provide you a free sample with every order. It is completely free, and it is our way of saying thanks and letting get a peek into coffees we are working on.

Fifth, if you order your coffee ground, we will grind it manually, by hand. We might be crazy, but it just tastes better.

Finally, we are 1,000% dedicated to you. If there is an issue of any kind, we will make it right. We don't take days to respond, we only take hours (if not minutes). We are here to make your experience one you will rave about to others.  So be sure to rave loudly and often to everyone you know who loves a stellar cup of coffee!  Word of mouth referrals are the best compliments we can receive.