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Good Stuff

Really liked this coffee. Great with French press.

Smooth Finish!

Recently purchased Nicaragua El Dorado based on great reviews. I brewed in a Bonavita drip and this roast did not disappoint. Just as described with an exceptionally smooth finish! One of my favorite Layne blends. I'm sold on Layne coffee! Hope to see more organic blends


Very green, strong vegetable flavor. Not my favorite flavor profile, but I'm sure others will enjoy it.

No "real" complaints

Shipping was fast and customer service is easily some of the best I've seen. So far i have received "on the rocks" and " dog days of summer" Both are great respectively but I do enjoy bolder roast so I am more excited for later bolder more robust releases.

Another great coffee!

Very nice flavors! I brewed this Coffee with a regular Coffee maker. Fine grind. Sampled black. Very nice and very easy to drink. Will definitely buy again.


Good tasting coffee. I grind it up for my Keurig and enjoy it.

Just a hint of bourbon sweetness

This coffee is fantastic, black or complemented (hindered?) with milk. The roast itself is fantastic, but the additional characteristics inherited from the barrel just adds another dimension that doesn't overwhelm all the other coffee flavors, like you'd find in artificially infused coffees. Give it a shot!

Nice balance between barrel and coffee

This is the third selection from the barrel aged series that I have had, and probably my favorite. Of the others, one had a ton of barrel presence, and the other had little. This one seems to have struck an excellent balance between the two, very enjoyable.

Protocol Azul

This coffee tastes like unicorns carrying leprechauns carrying pots of gold were dancing on your tongue. Pairs well with the complex flavors of the protocol cigars. Homerun!!!

Excellent Decaf

I have bought the Mexico decaf a few times now. It's got a nice earthy yet slightly sweet flavor which I compliment with a little heavy cream. If you're looking for a good decaf, this is a good one.

Great product

I've purchased two bags now and plan on buying a third. 'Nuff said.

Try um

I've tried this and the all star sampler. Great way to try different coffees before you buy bigger quantities. I think I'm going to pickup more of the Ethiopian guji and Sumatra decaf but they were all good

Layne's House Single Origin Espresso

I've been brewing this blend in my french press and it's awesome.

Your my Boy

I made this in a siphon pot today, what a wonderful, smooth coffee! You certainly pick up the sweet chocolate notes immediately, absolutely no bitterness or harsh tones. I will definitely recommend this to anyone as a siphon coffee, anxious to see how it is as a pour over or drip coffee.

Smoooooooooth !!!

The title says it all man this coffee is smooth . It is a little sweet with a slight earth . It goes great with a nice Connecticut cigar .


I enjoyed this bean. It was a very typical Costa Rican. Light roast and nice complexity.

Dark. Dangerous. Good.
Dark. Dangerous. Good...Delicious

Coarse grind in a French press, was very tasty. Rich dark taste but also smooth, and a fantastic value! This is the 6th blend I have tried and every one has been as described and enjoyable. Devoted to Layne!

Dark. Dangerous. Good.
My favorite Cuppa

I love this blend. Deep rich and satisfying. I keep multiple bags of this vacuum packed so I don’t run out! Grab some and you w ont be disappointed

Oh so creamy

1st of I'm primarily a Burundi man but this right here is the one. more than anything I got the citrus and the rich creamy flavors hitting me with this cup. I suggest letting it sit for a few mins to really unlock it's true potential..S/O to the real MVP Layne Coffee for this one..

Amazingly Unique Experience

After looking for years to find the perfect complement to a fine cigar that is like to sippin bourbon I believe this is as close as I have got since I quit drinking 15 years ago. I recommend this to anyone looking for a refined smoky flavor with a cigar. It can be enjoyed hot, warm, or chilled and really sets off a good quality maduro cigar.

Great coffee!

Really enjoyed this coffee. Brewed with a French press. Will be trying more from Layne Coffee.

El dorado coffee

I think this coffe be great for breakfast I used drip BONAVITA maker it reminds me of a Starbucks type tast


Love the blends! Every month 2 new to try and all over the board. Stuff I wouldn't normally try, but find out I really enjoy. If you can get it, make sure you do it!


Makes the most flavorful espresso, no sugar needed. I also make a cafe con leche with goats milk that is perfect balance. There are reorders in my future.

Try This Great Opportunity!

This is a great opportunity to try the varieties of Layne coffee that are most interesting to you. I have one more coffee to try, but loved Bad Hombre and Brazil Alta Mogiana. Layne's Breakfast Blend is well blended but not my style. Thanks for offering so many unique ways to try your coffees!

Something Different

I enjoyed this coffee very much from the sampler. It brewed more like a light roast in a press, with a hint of nuttiness that was engaging. Different from the other coffees, clean finish and aftertaste.

Nice Dark Roast!

Good dark roast, does have an earthy quality to it. Very low acidity in a French Press, full bodied but smooth.


This was my least favorite of the sampler, a matter of personal preference. All the coffees were super fresh and roasted well. This was very smooth, but unlike the other sampler coffees, lacked character. Middle of the road.

Best Of The Sampler

This was my favorite of the sampler. I used a French Press, and this was a smooth but bracing cup, with just the right balance of acidity and bite. If you are on the fence, try it!


Earthy and mild but still a good eye opener. I enjoyed this one!

Awesome coffee!

Really enjoyed this coffee. Rich and flavorful! I enjoyed it black!

Good breakfast coffee

Good breakfast coffee

Great blend, perfect pairing

I am an everyday coffee drinker and far from a coffee connisseur but I do know cigars and the combo of the Protocol Azul was terrific with the Protocol Lancero. Well done!

Outstanding flavor

Coffee was delicious, and arrived quickly. Brewed on my stove top perculator. Will definitely purchase more.

Strong, Strong, Strong

It is so strong but tastes so good.

Clearance (Day Old Donuts)

For a Clearance coffee it was mild and taste was great. I normal put some sugar in my coffee but this one I drink black.

Life wish

As a coffee & cigar guy, i love a good cup with my stick. As a father of two kids, I need something that can legally wake me up; enter mainline. The robust flavor allows me to enjoy this at all parts of the day, while the strength keeps me going until I can relax with a good stick. I no longer have a death wish, mainline is my life wish.

Great with Breakfast

This one is not over-the-moon exceptional in any way, but maybe that's what I like about it. Its great with breakfast (eggs, bacon, etc) or just great to carry to work in the morning. Its not very heavy and lasting, but not light and silky like a blonde roast either. It may not be a "rockstar" but across the board its a great coffee.

Dark Roast

Coffee Is very mild but has a great taste, it is one of our favorite

Sulawesi Toraja - Day Old Donuts

Drunk black, no cream/sugar

Nose - An almost fruity and dark chocolate nose.

Taste - Satiny, velvety-smooth body with a slight sweetness bite and a long, almost chocolaty satisfying finish. Why was this on clearance again, I loved every aspect about this dark roast!

Solid coffee.

I also have tried the Kenya AA Eagle, and both are very good. There's a huge difference between the two on the barrel notes. This one has far less bourbon character.


I am a contractor by day and a powerlifter/cigar enthusiast for fun. My days start at 3:30 am every morning with trip to the gym. I go for an espresso that hits me in the forehead to get me going, your Mainline does that with authority and delivers an outstanding rich flavor. You have a loyal customer in me.

Holy hell!

Mainline is strong as f***! It is just want I needed. Not only is it strong is tastes way better than I expected.


I drink a lot of Death Wish and I am torn. I can say I like Mainline just as much, but one thing is a much brighter coffee wise, and the finish was much better than compared to Death Wish. I guess I will be buying both :)

Been a while!

I first tasted coffee from India a few years ago and fell in love. Now the romance is back...delicious and the description is spot on, starting with earth notes. I highly recommend this coffee, rich and unique.

A great and unique coffee

I think this coffee has a really unique flavor and am enjoying it very much. I plan on making this a regular in my coffee rotation.

Love it

I'm a big Kenyan fan and I know anything Logan and rob do is freaking amazing and holy shizznit this coffee was amazing!!! Logan Robby keep it up brothers!

Unique flavors-Rwanda Kivu

Not my favorite flavor profile but it is interesting. I use a French press and as the coffee cools, the citrus is intense and dominant. Glad I tried it, I appreciate Layne Coffee giving us the chance to try so many global flavor profiles!

Amazing Espresso

This is a fantastic coffee for a one of a kind espresso. Notes of caramel and blueberry pair together to create a complex and flavourful experience. I adore this coffee and I will seek it out in the future.

Kenya AA Eagle
Well travelled Kenyan

The USPS decided that my Beans should travel from Austin to Boulder via Chicago. They did finally arrive unharmed and I made a pot this AM. The coffee had the usual earthy taste one expects from African beans with very distinct fruity notes. It was very smooth with no hint of bitterness. Well done Layne Coffee!