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Great coffee great value

I really enjoy the coffee of the month club, keeps a solid rotation of good coffee that I share with my in laws who are always impressed. Highly recommend.

My Perfect Coffee
My Perfect Coffee Blend

This turned out to be one of the best coffee blends I have tasted. The roast on the bean was perfect and the taste was amazing. Thank you


I honestly have nothing negative to say. I loved the espresso I tasted. The only thing I’m upset with is my partner dropped it and spilled half of it so I have to go buy more now haha!

All Day Drinker

Long time Layne customer, first time with this Breakfast Blend. As described, nice mild flavors of nuts and chocolate, and super fresh tasting...I loved it in the French press and sip it all day!

My Favorite Coffee

I've found that this coffee is delicious in every way you can brew it. It is chocolatey, smooth, and creamy. I always add some form of cream to my coffee, but this is the only type that is creamy enough on its own that I can actually drink it black. I've been waiting for this to come back in stock - yay! My absolute favorite coffee now!

Kenya Kigutha

Great stuff!!! This was my 2nd ordering from Layne and maybe my 6th or 7th coffee purchased from them... This was the best I've tried from them. Can't go wrong here.

Box of Chocolates
Box of Delicious!

Recently took a chance on the BoC and I'm so glad I did ... i ended up with a very easy-drinking and smooth blend which goes down very creamy and tasty...I wish I knew what the actual blend was.

Damn good and would take a chance again!


Good but not great!

Very good actually just not great. Little bit of a bitter aftertaste!

Good coffee

Smooth and flavorful. Very enjoyable on the palate

Great Coffee!

Love this coffee, you have a winner with this one!

Great cigar coffee

Made on my V60. Great acidity, complexity, depth of flavor. Great pairing with a cigar, but not overpowering.

Great way to start the day

Great taste. Looked forward to waking up to this coffee in the morning

Again great coffee

Great coffee

Great Coffee!

Love this Coffee and the service provided is definitely five star!!

Build Your Own Sampler
Juan Valdez Blend

Ol Juan will be proud of Logan on this one. This is really good and smooth. This is deff one of the best Colombian coffees that I've had and I've had quite a few


It is a good great taste of chocolate flavor of coffee that start my morning of.

Mondays got better

This coffee was rich and a flavor bomb


Strong and flavorful. Great cup of coffee when you need that extra boast.

Secret sauce

Nice earthy smouth
Taste good to start the day or night

Great Coffee

Coffee was really good. Nice fresh. A little too acidic for my taste but definitely good flavor. I made it in my Breville cappuccino machine and, brewed a small amount in the chimex. Both did very well. Nice crema from the espresso and good flavor in chimex.
I am roasting my own beans currently so I love trying other flavors or styles of roasting.
It was a great coffee though
Thank you!

India Kerala Malabar

This review is for brewing the India Kerala Malabar with a french press. The coffee had a sweeter than usual taste to it and a fairly light flavor profile. Acidity was very low, as was bitterness. I personally prefer darker/stronger roasts, but for someone with a lighter pallet or issues with acid, this is probably a good coffee for them.

Bfd coffee

Great taste has a smoke flavor to it. Make me feel like I.
Am. Camping

Great taste

I really enjoyed this coffee. I brewed it in my coffee maker with a touch of some dark roast mixed in. Great flavor.

Best coffee ever

I love this coffee. I work at night and it definitely gives me the “pick me up” that I need to get the night started. I brew this in my coffee maker and the smell is absolutely amazing.

Makes me look forward to morning

What a great cup of coffee! Whether I brew in my AeroPress or drip, this is a go to favorite. Good, bold, dark taste, but with a smoothness that makes me want that 2nd cup even more.