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Before the Dawn

Harvey Dent once said, "The night is always darkest before the dawn." (That is such a great quote.)  Sure, he was talking about how Gotham City was a complete cesspool of corruption, but it was still a great quote.  It was full of hope for a better day. Just like our Artisan dark roast! Before the Dawn is for those who like their coffee as follows: strong, dark, smoky, and hella good. This is a dark roast for folks who want a bit of a backhand in their morning coffee. We're not judging. The bold flavors will wake you up better than a fire alarm and even though this coffee is strong, it is roasted to perfection and never burnt.
Chocolate, Earth, Smokey, Bold Roast: Dark Acidity: Low Body: Full Finish: Bold/Heavy
Country: Various Region: Central America and Asia Producer: Various Variety: Typica Process: Semi-Washed and Washed Altitude: 1,400 masl

Customer Reviews

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Dark & Delicious

Ground these dark and oily beans for both drip and French press, excellent either way. Rich smoky flavors with dark chocolate notes. I alternate this blend with Dark Roast, both have become reliable daily favorites!

New favorite morning coffee

This is my new favorite morning coffee. I typically like my coffee very dark and strong enough to make up for my 4am wake up time. This has enough kick to wake up my co-workers from across the room (non-coffee people). I pick up an earthy, almost tobacco flavor in it. I'm hoping to find more flavors similar to this...I just discovered "case of the Mondays" which is calling my name! The ordering process was simple and quick. I liked that there are many options on your website, but it makes choosing difficult!
Brew method: ground and brewed with my Jura coffee machine.
Thank you for the great coffee!

Smooth and Toasty

Toasty , earthy and dark chocolate ... just delicious !!!!!!

Perfect Blend

Just enough caffeine to get the day rolling!

True to it's Name

Tried out this Bad-Boy this morning.. Love it! Smelling this dark rich blend wakes me right the f*ck up! So yummy and tasty!

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