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Burundi Muramvya

Brundi Muramvya offers up brown sugar sweetness partnered with a bright citrus flavor profile.  The acidity is low and the finish is crisp.  Combine all of that with a full body and you have a beautiful bean with a ton of flavor and complexity.  Once you brew up a cup of Brundi Muramvya, you will understand why it's so popular.
Brown Sugar, Peach, Lemon Roast: Dark Acidity: Low Body: Full Finish: Crisp
Country: Burundi Region: Muramvya Producer: Various Variety: Bourbon Process: Washed Altitude: 1,250 to 2,000 masl

Customer Reviews

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Burundi Muramvya

Brewing this coffee with a french press, the facet that stuck out the most to me was the richness of flavor while maintaining a low acidity. I am an avid coffee drinker, but also get heart burn frequently, this really helped with not causing the burn while providing a surprisingly strong flavor.


Winner! Hand ground with a Hario Skerton and French Pressed. Subtle note of pear with the red fruit. Layne Coffee is the only coffee I have been consuming over the past few months. Easy ordering and fast shipping!!

Burundi is the Boss !

What a great coffee. Strong flavor, complex, with an almost sweet finish - no bitter taste to be found here. Highly recommend.

Very Nice

I am really liking this one ... To me it has a walnut fudge and lemon zest flavors .. Top notch !!!!

Burundi Muramvya

I like variety...

I have used the Burundi it to make café Americano in the afternoon using an aeropress and hand grinding the beans myself for a quick pick me up and it is great with a cigar!
It is a smooth balanced earthy coffee with just enough brightness and fruitiness.
It makes a great morning pot as well....
I believe that the small batch roasting gives me an unequaled opportunity to enjoy this coffee at its best.... this is a definite bean I will purchase again and again

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