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Burundi Muramvya

Brundi Muramvya offers up brown sugar sweetness partnered with a bright citrus flavor profile.  The acidity is low and the finish is crisp.  Combine all of that with a full body and you have a beautiful bean with a ton of flavor and complexity.  Once you brew up a cup of Brundi Muramvya, you will understand why it's so popular.
Brown Sugar, Peach, Lemon Roast: Dark Acidity: Low Body: Full Finish: Crisp
Country: Burundi Region: Muramvya Producer: Various Variety: Bourbon Process: Washed Altitude: 1,250 to 2,000 masl

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very Nice

I am really liking this one ... To me it has a walnut fudge and lemon zest flavors .. Top notch !!!!

Burundi Muramvya

I like variety...

I have used the Burundi it to make café Americano in the afternoon using an aeropress and hand grinding the beans myself for a quick pick me up and it is great with a cigar!
It is a smooth balanced earthy coffee with just enough brightness and fruitiness.
It makes a great morning pot as well....
I believe that the small batch roasting gives me an unequaled opportunity to enjoy this coffee at its best.... this is a definite bean I will purchase again and again

The Beauty and the Beast from Burundi

I was quite excited by the name and description of Burundi Muramvya so I jumped on it like a fat kid on some cake. To be fair, I have been drinking alot of Starbitches dark roast coffees and my palate has become accustom to really oily, dark roasted coffees. Comparatively, this is a lighter roast, less oily coffee. The Burundi Muramvya does not have the really full bass notes of the compared, however it does have a much greater complexity in the mid range and a nice, clean finish. I am definitely a fan!

5 star

I have not tried it yet, I will let you know.

Average at best

I read the description of the Burundi Muramvya and sounded like a coffee I would really enjoy.... After having made several pots of the coffee, I must say that it was nothing like it was described... Those nuianses and the flavor profile just is not there... Needless to say I wish you well, but I was not pleased with my cup of "Ho".

Jeff - I am sorry to hear that you didn't like it. Want to learn more about your experience. Will be sending you a separate email so we can figure out what happened.

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