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Clearance Coffee


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Here at Layne Coffee Co. we roast everything fresh to order. Sometimes we roast more than we need, we roast it a tad long or short, etc. When this happens instead of drinking it, we will give you a chance to try it, at a steep discount of course. Anything on this page has been roasted over 24 hours (since we roast everything to order we won't use it) and will come in various sizes. Inventory will change almost daily, so if you like something you see pick it up. All items on this page are sold as Whole Bean, only.

Customer Reviews

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Steve Behl S.B. Steve B.
Clearance (Day Old Donuts)

For a Clearance coffee it was mild and taste was great. I normal put some sugar in my coffee but this one I drink black.

Nick D. N.D. Nick D.
Sulawesi Toraja - Day Old Donuts

Drunk black, no cream/sugar

Nose - An almost fruity and dark chocolate nose.

Taste - Satiny, velvety-smooth body with a slight sweetness bite and a long, almost chocolaty satisfying finish. Why was this on clearance again, I loved every aspect about this dark roast!

Adrian A. Adrian
great value...great coffee

It's a little older, but still fantastic. Random selection, but I'm not disappointed.