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Coffee of the Month Club

Coffee of the Month Club


Our Coffee of the Month Club is ideal for those coffee nerds who want to try the latest and greatest and also like variety.
We will include a new variety each month. It could be a single origin, blend, or a mix of both. Roasts will vary each month, but they will typically fall between medium to dark. With each month, we will do a blog post write-up on the featured coffee which will outline the regions, varieties, acidity, body, etc.

If you order the Standard, you will receive two different coffees of six ounces each, for a total of 12 ounces.
If you want to up the ante, select our Double Decker option and you will receive two coffees of 12 ounces each, for a total of 24 ounces. If you choose this option, you will also receive an extra discount each month.
You will be charged every month on the 15th for the Coffee of the Month Club and your order will ship no later than the 18th.

Sumatra Gayo Linge - this isn't your daddy's Sumatra. Sumatra's are usually very earthy and aren't very clean in the cup. The Gayo is cleaner, more complex, and is as rich as Bill Gates with flavors of Sambuca, Black Licorice, and Chocolate. It is roasted dark.

Honduras COMSA Marcala - most of Honduran coffee isn't great. Very meh. The COMSA flips this general rule on its ear. COMSA has notes of watermelon, chocolate, and an underlying nuttiness, which I would say is cashews.

If you have any questions check out our Coffee Subscription FAQ page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Love the blends! Every month 2 new to try and all over the board. Stuff I wouldn't normally try, but find out I really enjoy. If you can get it, make sure you do it!

March COTM

I really really like coffee. I also really really like variety. COTM hits both of these likes of mine quite nicely. The variety of coffee is what prompted me to give the club a shot. My first shipment was the "Black and Tan" and "Umata." The six ounce bags do me well for about a week each, which keeps the variety flowing for me.

If you dig coffee and want to try some that you may have not had before, this is the way to go.

What can I say....

My employees and myself are avid coffee drinkers. We bounced around looking for the best bang for our buck when purchasing coffee. Well, the buck stops here. This is the best best deal out the to experience amazing blends that are different each and every month! Seriously, exotic blends delivered right to your door every month? Logan has hit, yet another, home run!!

If you even remotely like coffee The Coffee of the Month Club will tip the scale and you'll be walking around all day with a mug in your hand!!

Can't wait to get the next shipment!!!!


I have a travel mug and a thermos of coffee every day. I had the March COTMC this morning with an Intemperance EC The Faith. The coffee went perfectly with my morning commute cigar. But so far all the COTMC blends and the Calendar Series have hit the mark, I love having different coffee's to try every month!

March Coffee of the Month

Black and Tan and Umata both tasted a little dark for my tastes right out of the gate. They're similar blends in that they start off bitter, but after your palate adjusts, they're strong and smooth.

I enjoyed Umata just a bit more than the Black and Tan, but both are very good.

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