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Costa Rica Paos Red Honey

Costa Rica Paos Red Honey

Honey processed coffees are one of my favorite, and this one being at the top of the list. The Costa Rica Paos Red Honey is grown on the Sonora Estate, which is owned by two brothers who have been in the coffee business forever. Each year they take a small percentage of their harvest and honey process it. This means they let the beans dry with the cascara (coffee fruit) on it vs. washing it off right away. This imparts a wonderful fruity complexity to the coffee. Frankly, this coffee is a flavor bomb. I was able to get my hands on some but when it is gone, it is gone until next year.
Chocolate, Honey, Black Cherry, Plum Roast: Medium Acidity: Medium Body: Full Finish: Smooth and Thick
Country: Costa Rica Region: Paos Valcano Producer: Sonora Estate Variety: Various Process: Honey Altitude: Various

Customer Reviews

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Rich and tasty

We brewed it as drip and really enjoyed it. Everything you expect from a solid central American bean, just amped up a notch.

Costa Rica Paos Red Honey

Brewed via Aeropress (which admittedly I just got a couple months ago, so I am trying different temperature/steep times/etc). Nice brew, not too many notes of bitterness and lower on acidity. I get some very very faint hint of floralness on the tailend, but definitely no “honey”. Could be some residual of the black cherry? Some earthiness, which when I reviewed the page’s tasting notes, could be construed as the chocolate or plum trying to come through. I would have picked a more earthy/slightly barnyard taste rather than chocolate/plum. Overall, nice and smooth. 4/5, May try again in the future, but would not rush to purchase.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Notes of chocolate and cherries very smooth with a lite bright finish .

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