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Ethiopia Mesela G1

Ethiopia boasts some truly wonderful coffee and the Ethiopia Mesela G1 is no exception. This bean is delicate due to its natural processing, which makes it challenging to roast properly. When roasted correctly (which I always do because I am awesome), you will find wonderful flavors of blueberries, peaches, and a sugarcane-like sweetness. Keep in mind that the method used to brew the coffee will effect the acidity. Use a Chemex or Pour-Over coffee maker for lower acidity and a French Press for higher acidity. The Ethopia Mesela G1 also makes a killer cold brew for those of you who are adverse to higher acidity.
Blueberries, Subtle Chocolate, Peach, Sugarcane Roast: Medium Acidity: High Body: Medium Finish: Clean
Country: Ethiopia Region: Mesela Producer: Various Variety: Heirloom Process: Natural Altitude: 1,800 masl

Customer Reviews

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michael teal m.t. michael t.
Ethiopia Mesela G1

Outstanding selection. Mellow nuances of citrus.Liquid sunshine to brighten the day.

Benjamin Kenneally B.K. Benjamin K.
Tasty stuff

Blueberries and apricots with dark cocoa. Very acidic and bright, good clean finish. I used my standard method with my kone, but I'm betting this would really shine with a paper filter in my chemex as all those flavors are the type highlighted by that thick paper filter. All around great stuff!

Luke L. Luke
Love it!

Medium bodied blueberry treat! A lovely take on a favorite coffee region. Still toying with ratios for various brew methods but gas been great every time.

Will be buying more!

Jeff Madre J.M. Jeff M.
Freakin' blueberries!

I brewed this first in a moka pot and way too strong. It was still good in spite of my error. Very little bitterness (despite the strength) and a strong berry-like flavor made quite a first impression.

The second time I brewed this with less coffee and used the pour over method. Low acidity and that blueberry-like flavor made for a nice cup. My wife liked it and she NEVER likes my coffee. Get some today!

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