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India Kerala Malabar

The India Kerala Malabar is an interesting coffee. Many of you have probably not had the pleasure of sampling a coffee originating from India.  Lucky for you, my frequent travels to the country allowed me to find an outstanding Single Origin to share with you folks back home. I was drawn to this coffee because of the history. Coffee was a major export of India to European countries several hundred years ago. On the journey back home, the coffee aboard the ships would be exposed to the elements on the high seas. Exposure to light, water, and sun (among other factors) morphed the coffee into something different. Today, farmers in India replicate that process by harvesting the coffee and then allow it to sit and be exposed to the rain during the Monsoon Season. This process typically takes three to four months and alters the color of the raw coffee from green to gold, similar to that of a peanut. If you want to know what coffee tasted like in the 1700's in Europe, this bean is the closest to the real thing you will find.
Earth, Sweet Spice, Black Licorice, Raw Tobacco Roast: Medium Acidity: Low Body: Medium/Full Finish: Clean and Sweet
Country: India Region: Malabar Producer: Various Variety: Typica Process: Monsooned Altitude: Various

Customer Reviews

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Great Brew ..

Cereal bar and honey sweetness . With some tobacco in the finish .. This is for sure a coffee to pair with a nice cigar ..

India Kerala Malabar

One of my favorite new coffees. I frequently pair my cigars with new coffees and the India Kerala Malabar fits the bill nicely.

Smooth and Different

Very smooth flavor and finish.This a coffee that teases you with the aroma and delivers on taste. I'm no expert but there is a slight saltiness, with very little acidity. The overall flavor is hard to explain because it's like nothing I've had before. I can tell you that it pairs great with a nice medium bodied cigar and is a coffee I would order again.

FANTASTIC for espresso

You may not think of a medium roasted single origin as a good choice for espresso, but, trust me, this one absolutely is.

Shots and Americanos from this bean are wonderfully complex, earthy, slightly sweet, and just a bit funky. Also excellent in a latte. Highly recommended. I will be back for more.

Never had anything like this in my life and LOVIN' IT!!!

Me and my husband where so excited to try to this because of the history, but didn't wanna commit to a full bag , so we got a sampler. It didn't disappoint. We got about 15 samplers and this was our all time favorite, that we ordered a huge bag of it. It does have a clean finish and nicely rounded coffee. It had a low acidity and very smooth. There were hints of salt, and sweet and spice and everything nice. I'd say if you life nutty and earthy and sweet coffee you best give this a try or if you are a coffee connoisseur that needs to try everything different- buy this stuff. Me and my husband have traveled over Asia and europe and US, but never been to India. I've never had anything like thus, I loved it. I will keep on buying it.

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