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Java the Hut

Java the Hut is a classic Mocha Java blend using an undisclosed blend of beans from Africa, Asia, and Indonesia. The blend pays homage to the two classic ports were coffee was first traded: Mocha in Yemen and Java in Indonesia. This blend is greedily stockpiled and greatly enjoyed by gangsters in the Outer Rim.
Earthy, Cedar, Fruit, Jasmine Roast: Medium Acidity: Medium Body: Medium Finish: Short and Crisp
CountryAfrica, Asia, and Indonesia Region: Multiple Producer: Various Variety: Heirloom and Various Process: Various Altitude: Various

Customer Reviews

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Honestly not a fan of this blend. Maybe I had old beans, but it was rather bitter and less than satisfying. I much prefer Bad Hombre.

Adrian, Hey there. I figured based on your purchase history and how you gravitate towards darker roasts it makes sense why you didn't like the Java the Hut. More than happy to talk with you in detail about it. Just reply to the email I send. Thanks, Logan
Java the hut

Great coffee. Earthly flavors with sweetness

Great balance!

Java the Hut! This coffee makes for a great morning or afternoon experience. Nice balance of earthy flavors with some bright floral, almost sweet flavors as well. For such a full flavored coffee it also has a very crisp and clean finish. French Press really brings out the earthy qualities and pour over brings out the bright floral notes.

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