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Layne's Dark Roast

Layne's Dark Roast is perfect for those who want a full bodied of coffee. We use only high grown beans in our Dark Roast.  What does that mean?  It means we unleash our roaster on the bean and they will not taste burnt. The result is a big and beautiful cup of coffee with a ton of complexity.
Chocolate, Earth, Cherries Roast: Dark Acidity: Low Body: Full Finish: Bold
Country: Various Region: Central America Producer: Various Variety: Typica Process: Various Altitude: Various

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Nice Dark Roast!

Good dark roast, does have an earthy quality to it. Very low acidity in a French Press, full bodied but smooth.

Dark Roast

Coffee Is very mild but has a great taste, it is one of our favorite

Join the Dark Side

Another great roast from Layne Coffee. Dark and good!

Great dark cocoa flavors for those who love a heavy roast

This is yet another excellent example of Logan's passion for perfection when it comes to blending. This one is a fuller bodied experience but with no harsh or bitter flavors. There is a very present natural sweetness that complements the very pleasant dark cocoa flavors. I drink this black with just 1 teaspoonful of raw cane sugar and it pairs harmoniously with a cigar or morning emails. Whichever you find yourself with in any given morning.

So far, this and the Nicaraguan Dorado are my two absolute favorites and I find that they both offer excellent experiences at opposite ends of the flavor spectrum.

Come over to the DARK SIDE!

Received this as part of the All-Star sampler (I liked everything that came in that sampler) This stuff is bold, dark and looks mean but is really smooth and my wife who usually likes light\medium coffee enjoyed it as well. Brewed with my Moka Pot had some straight/black and then made some cappuccino's after, it definitely has a good amount of caffeine in it, as I usually do not feel my coffee anymore but this definitely gave me a kick. As usual, the beans were roasted to perfection and ground up nicely. I'm in love with Layne Coffee, it has really opened my eyes to the world of coffee and it's something I wish I noticed years ago. Thank you.

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