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Layne's Dark Roast

Layne's Dark Roast is perfect for those who want a full bodied of coffee. We use only high grown beans in our Dark Roast.  What does that mean?  It means we unleash our roaster on the bean and they will not taste burnt. The result is a big and beautiful cup of coffee with a ton of complexity.
Chocolate, Earth, Cherries Roast: Dark Acidity: Low Body: Full Finish: Bold
Country: Various Region: Central America Producer: Various Variety: Typica Process: Various Altitude: Various

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
The best coffee I have ever had

I run my coffee thru an areopress. And the finish and flavor of this coffee is absolutely amazing. I should of known if the bullshark approved it that it was going to be good. I can promise you that not only was is good it was AMAZING. THANKS LAYNE for the great service and keeping it real. The way customer service should be done.

Yep, it’s VERY delicious!

I have had 8+ different beans from Layne and finally tried Dark Roast with my French Press today. It is really tasty, the other reviewers are right on! Deep bold flavor but super smooth, it’s the kind of roast that is the reason we love coffee. My wife brought in the package and said “Another coffee order from Layne?”...yes, and keep them coming!

Good and not oily

I'm not a big dark roast fan, I find them oily and highly acidic. BUT I liked this, but I'm still a medium roast kinda gal. Def had some earthy, nutty, chocolate notes and a smooth finish. You can taste the acidity, but it wasn't strong- it just rounded out the coffee. I like the Java the Hut better just because i thought it had more chocolate notes to me. If you want something a bit more subtle and need your dark roast- this is it. It wasn't oily or burnt tasting at all. If i drink dark this is how I like it.


Bold flavors

Nice Dark Roast!

Good dark roast, does have an earthy quality to it. Very low acidity in a French Press, full bodied but smooth.

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