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Magellan Sampler

My man Ferdinand took us around the world waaaaaaaay before Daft Punk.  Yep, you can hear the song in your head now, huh?  Sorry about that. It will be in your head for the rest of the day. In the spirit of exploration, we bring you the Magellan Sampler.  The good news is it won't get you harpooned by a bamboo spear.  The sampler includes three ounces of four different single origin coffees. This way, you can circumnavigate the world of coffees in your pajama pants :) Each sampler will include three ounces of coffee from Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America. The coffees included will depend on inventory.  We may even include some "off the menu" coffees.  You won't know until they arrive on your doorstep. Each coffee will be clearly marked so you know what it is when it arrives.   Happy Exploring!

Customer Reviews

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Love the variety

One thing I always wanted was a way to try different coffees and not be stuck with 12oz that may not be my cup of, well, coffee. Well, my wish has come true. In my case there is enough here for 4 pour over's(I use a Kalita 155) of each coffee. I do a lot of pairings with cigars and pipes and its not always easy finding a single origin or blend that works and with this there is enough coffee to pair the different coffee's with different tobacco's. Layne is killing it, I've quite enjoyed most everything I've had(9 different types so far), thanks guys!! On top of that they throw in a sample as well. I love the blind tasting too, what a fantastic idea.

Amazing Coffee!

Im New to coffee but damn when Logan does something he does it right! The dojo nation and the guys at Reddit ain't got shit on the FEADHEADZ! Good job Logan & Robby!

Magellan Sampler

How can you go wrong with this?
I bought the Magellan Sampler to pair with cigars - variety is the spice of life! The selections were all outstanding, and distinctly different. I will definitely purchase again. Getcha some!

Nice selection

I enjoyed this sampler quite a bit. It seems most Layne offerings lean towards a darker roast, so be aware of that if you care how dark the roast is.

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