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The World's Strongest Best Tasting Coffee


Sometimes.. You need your coffee to kick like a mule. You need to wake the dead, aka yourself on Monday mornings. You want a kick in the teeth, but want it to taste good. Many times strong in caffeine, means it tastes like crap. This is the reason we created Mainline. We wanted a coffee which was strong as balls, but tasted like Paris in July. Also, we wanted it to be 100% Free Trade and Organic, since you know, it pays to be nice to others and your body.

Mainline will be the strongest, best tasting coffee you will ever have.

Earth, Fruity, Sweet, Juicy, Chocolate
Roast: Blended to Medium/Dark
Acidity: Low
Body: Medium
Finish: Lasting and Sweet

Country: Undisclosed
Region: Multiple
Producer: Various
Variety: Undisclosed
Process: Various
Altitude: Various

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Night shift must have !!!

First its not a one trick pony . Yes it has a nice kick to it but first and foremost it has great flavor .. dark and chocolate with a nice sweetness ... It gets me through third shift ..


Yet another great roast by Layne! This one packs a serious caffeine KICK! I haven't had many high octane coffees, but Mainline has to be at the top. Excellent coffee

Strong, Strong, Strong

It is so strong but tastes so good.

Life wish

As a coffee & cigar guy, i love a good cup with my stick. As a father of two kids, I need something that can legally wake me up; enter mainline. The robust flavor allows me to enjoy this at all parts of the day, while the strength keeps me going until I can relax with a good stick. I no longer have a death wish, mainline is my life wish.


I am a contractor by day and a powerlifter/cigar enthusiast for fun. My days start at 3:30 am every morning with trip to the gym. I go for an espresso that hits me in the forehead to get me going, your Mainline does that with authority and delivers an outstanding rich flavor. You have a loyal customer in me.

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