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Blend Your Own Coffee

My Perfect Coffee

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My Perfect Coffee puts you in the blend lab and allows you to create your perfect coffee. Most places don't offer an option like this, but we are different. One of our missions is to allow our customers to learn and experience coffee like never before. Each month we will sample every customer-created blend created and pick our favorite. The creator of the winning blend will receive $20 to use at Layne Coffee. On top of that we will make his or her blend available for purchase for one month.  How cool is that?  Have fun creating Your Perfect Coffee!
First, give your coffee a sweet name :) Second, select how you want the coffee roasted. Choose the roast level you normally prefer or go in a completely different direction. It is totally up to you. Third, choose your perfect grind level or choose whole bean. Forth, select the beans you would like in your blend. This is where the magic happens. Choose as many as you would like. Finally, decide the proportions. Please write detailed instructions in the designated box. Make sure your beans add up to exactly 12 ounces.

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