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Myanmar Mandalay

Myanmar Mandalay

Myanmar is HOT and  don't mean temperature wise. Myanmar has been very much under the radar but this year it has broken out on the international stage, receiving a copious amount of 90+ ratings. After reading about it, and tasting samples, I had to bring it in. This is a very unique coffee and is hard for me to say it kinda tastes like X. Myanmar Mandalay is medium roasted, and is just plain tasty. Plus, it has a great story behind it. Thousands of farmers banded together to create the Mandalay Co-op so they could attract the intention of big importers. It seems to be working :) Due to demand, I was only able to get a small amount. Once it is sold out, it will be out until next year.
Cashew, Herbal, Cherry, Honey
Roast: Medium
Acidity: Low
Body: Full
Finish: Juicy and Thick
Country: Myanmar
Region: Ywangan
Producer: Mandalay Co-op
Variety: Catimor, SL 34, Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: Various

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Good quality, I will bring this to work to share!

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