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Protocol Oro

Unique cigars, should have a unique coffee. The Themis isn't your daddy's Connecticut, and the Protocol Oro is different due to the honey process it under goes. Basically, the coffee fruit is left on the bean which imparts delicious fruit and sweet notes.
This coffee was chosen to pair with the Protocol Themis because of sweetness and creaminess of the coffee unlocks additional complexities in the cigar.
Honey, Peach, Creamy Roast: Medium Acidity: Medium Body: Medium Finish: Clean and Sweet
Country: El Salvador Region: San Salvador Producer: Various Variety: Bourbon and Pacas Process: Black Honey Altitude: 1,000 masl

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Another great coffee!

Very nice flavors! I brewed this Coffee with a regular Coffee maker. Fine grind. Sampled black. Very nice and very easy to drink. Will definitely buy again.

Smoooooooooth !!!

The title says it all man this coffee is smooth . It is a little sweet with a slight earth . It goes great with a nice Connecticut cigar .

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