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Rwanda Kivu

Rwanda Kivu is grown along the African Rift Valley on the shores of Lake Kivu. Being both organically grown and fair trade it is not only a responsible coffee, but one that complex and multi-dimensional. Expect an acidity similar to a Kenyan with a softer and more delicate profile. This is a coffee you need to try.
Citrus, Sugar Cane, Clove, Cinnamon Roast: Medium Acidity: Medium/High Body: Medium Finish: Figgy
Country: Rwanda Region: Lake Kivu Producer: Various Variety: Bourbon Process: Washed Altitude: 1,500 masl

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good Morning Cup

I enjoyed the Rwanda Kivu and recommend it for those who like lighter roasts. Did not blow my socks off but it makes a good breakfast coffee in my opinion.

Oh so creamy

1st of I'm primarily a Burundi man but this right here is the one. more than anything I got the citrus and the rich creamy flavors hitting me with this cup. I suggest letting it sit for a few mins to really unlock it's true potential..S/O to the real MVP Layne Coffee for this one..

Unique flavors-Rwanda Kivu

Not my favorite flavor profile but it is interesting. I use a French press and as the coffee cools, the citrus is intense and dominant. Glad I tried it, I appreciate Layne Coffee giving us the chance to try so many global flavor profiles!

Another great coffee

A lot of great flavors in this coffee as in the description clove, cinnamon, and I get a smooth silky almost cream like flavor that's light on the palate. going to have to try some cigar pairing's with this

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