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Sumatra Mandheling

My mom said to never judge a book by its cover, and that sentiment could not be more true of the Sumatra Mandheling. Prior to roasting, the bean is just plain ugly; but roast it up, and the  Sumatra Mandheling becomes one of our most popular coffees. Perfect for those who like low acidity paired with a heavy body, it has bourbon-like complexity with notes of earth, subtle spice, and a touch of sweetness.
Bold, Earthy, Rustic Roast: Medium Acidity: Low Body: Very Full Finish: Heavy
Country: Sumatra Region: Mandheling Producer: Various Variety: Typica Process: Semi-Washed Altitude: 1,400 masl

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Coffee!

Love this Coffee and the service provided is definitely five star!!

One of the Better Sumatras

I love coffee from Indonesian and this is one of the best Sumatra I have had. Roasted just right, low acidity and full body with a big finish.

Bold and rich

A great bold rich earth flavor with just a hint of sweet .. Very Nice !!


Flavor profile seemed underwhelming pehaps over roasted? The finish was also bitter. I have had coffee from other regions by Layne that I have enjoyed. This one seemed off.

Tim, Thanks for the review. I tried to look up your order but it seems you used a different email on the review vs. when you placed the order. Happy to take care of you. Please reply to this notification and I will get you taken care of. Thanks, Logan
Velvety smooth

I used these beans for espresso and they produced syrupy, smooth shots heave on earthy tones and hints of cocoa. Could have used a hint of brightness, but over all, very tasty.

If you like big bodied coffee in a medium roast, this certainly fits the bill.

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